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General terms and conditions for the rallyestonia.com e-shop

By using the rallyestonia.com e-shop and by purchasing rally pass(es), the customer confirms their acceptance of the conditions of use of the e-shop and other information made available to the customer.

By using the e-shop, the user confirms that all data and confirmations provided by them are correct; they are a natural person with full legal capacity (at least 18 years old) or has all the rights and powers to order services on behalf of the user. The accuracy of the above confirmations is presumed and Estonian Autosport Events MTÜ is not obliged to check them.

  1. For each WRC Rally Estonia 2022 rally pass sold in the e-shop, a description of the ticket and the corresponding accesses provided by the rally pass are provided. There are 6 different rally passes to choose from, whereas the Organizer can add different types of rally passes for sale at a later date, including day passes, if possible.

  2. RALLY PASS allows access to all spectator areas on all days of the event (except VIP areas).
  3. VIP PASS provides access to all WRC Rally Estonia VIP areas on all days of the event (including access to regular spectator areas).

  4. In case you want to buy rally passes as a gift for someone else, you can add a personalized card to your purchase for free in the shopping cart step, which describes the purchased rally passes and gives you an opportunity to add a personalized Christmas, Birthday or any other type of wish to the recipient of the gift. You can send this personalized card to the recipient in .pdf format or print it out and send it in the way of your own choosing.

  5. Please note, that it is not possible to access the spectator areas without a rally or a VIP pass, except one accompanying person per one pass holder inwheelchair. 

  6. Free access to the event is granted for one accompanying person per one wheelchair spectator, who is holding valid pass. 

  7. Be prepared that depending on the indicators of coronavirus rates and risks, the Health Board may establish additional conditions, as a result of which the Organizer may make changes in the event or access to the event (rally passes).

  8. Before completing the purchase process of the rally pass(es), it is necessary to enter the delivery details, i.e the name, telephone number, e-mail address of the contact person and to select a suitable Omniva parcel machine or enter the delivery address for the delivery of the rally passes.

  9. We will start with delivering orders from the 2nd of February 2022 and your rally passes will be delivered to the preferred location chosen by you with Omniva, the official courier partner of rallyestonia.com. Once we have dispatched the goods, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

  10. RALLY PASS costs 85€ for an adult, 15€ for a junior aged 7-15 years of age and 5€ for a child 0-6 years of age.

  11. VIP PASS costs 450€ for an adult, 75 € for a junior 7-15 years of age and 20 € for a child 0-6 years of age.

  12. Rally passes can be purchased only from the e-shop on the official website of Rally Estonia.

  13. By purchasing a rally pass, you agree to share your personal data (name, telephone number, e-mail address, personal identification number if necessary) with the Health Board. Other information related to the processing of personal data can be found on the official website of Rally Estonia.

  14. Access to spectator areas and parking areas is only allowed from designated areas determined by the organizer.

  15. It is not possible to watch the rally without a rally pass. We urge you not to come to the event area without a rally pass. Failure to do so may endanger the event.

  16. Parking of any type of vehicles is allowed only in the places determined by the organizers. In order for the event to run smoothly and reduce traffic congestion, if possible, please consider carpool and combine one vehicle for a group of friends, in order to reduce the total number of vehicles. 

  17. It is recommended to wear a protective mask in the event areas (except for children under 12 years of age). Be prepared that, depending on the indicators of coronavirus infection rates before the event, the Health Board may establish additional conditions, as a result of which the Organizer may make it mandatory to wear a protective mask in the event areas.

  18. In the event area, visitors are guaranteed the opportunity to disinfect their hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

  19. In order to ensure the safety of all Rally Estonia visitors, Rally Estonia has drawn up rules of conduct and safety, which are mandatory for all visitors to the Rally Estonia event. The rules of conduct and safety of Rally Estonia can be found here.

  20. Together we can create a safe and secure rally for everyone - if possible, get vaccinated in advance and don't come to the event when not feeling well.

  21. The organizer has the right to make changes to the event in connection with the tickets, venues, program or other circumstances at the best discretion of the organizer, due to the orders of the State authority or other requirements or recommendations applicable to the organizer. If possible, the buyer will be notified of the changes in advance. The buyer has no right to demand a refund or reduction of the cost of the ticket, based on the changes caused by the above circumstances, if the organizer has allowed the buyer to consume the event.

  22. If the organizer restricts the number of spectators or access to ensure the safety of visitors due to orders of a public authority or other requirements or recommendations applicable to the organizer, then:

    • In case of restricting the access of spectators, the organizer will follow the color differentiation logic of the Rally Pass in the management and separation of people in nature and, if necessary, apply the obligation to personalize rally passes (linking owner's personal identification code to the rally pass) on the platform of the official website of Rally Estonia.
      Example: Rally Pass spectators with a blue wristband can access the X, X, X and X spectator areas and Rally Pass holders with a red wristband can access the Y, Y, Y and Y spectator areas

    • If the number of spectators becomes limited, tickets purchased later will be canceled first (refunds will be made within 30 days of informing the public that the event will not take place.

  23. If the organizer is due to orders from the authority or other requirements set for the organizers or due to force majeure is oblicated to cancel the event, the rally pass costs will be refunded within 30 days of informing the public about the non-occurrence of the event. The refund of the ticket money takes place according to the order of ticket purchase, ie the earliest paid ticket money is returned first.

  24. In the vicinity of the rally spectator areas, the organizers may, if necessary, perform additional inspections of the spectators (incl. measurement of the body temperature) if there is a higher risk of the coronavirus spreading.

  25. Please be patient, in case there might occur unexpected discomfort in the e-shop due to high number of people active on the page simultaneously. 

Prices of the goods provided on website

All sales prices of products displayed in e-shop of Rallyestonia.com have been provided with value-added tax (20%).

Registration of the purchase and payment for the goods

You have the opportunity to choose a suitable product in the Rallyestonia.com e-shop and add it to the shopping cart.
You will receive a confirmation letter with the invoice and delivery time within 48 hours regarding the order confirmation. You shall pay the invoice by bank transfer.

The invoice should be paid by bank transfer through the following bank links:

It is possible to pay by bank transfer via the EveryPay payment solution and the following bank links:
-Estonia: LHV, Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, Citadele
-Latvia: Swedbank, SEB, Citadele and Luminor
-Lithuania: Swedbank, SEB and Luminor

The prices have been provided in euros and payments can be made in euros..

Payment by credit card

Online card payment (Visa, MasterCard).

You will also receive a confirmation e-mail regarding the order confirmation with the invoice and delivery time to your e-mail address.
You must pay the bill by credit card. 
The e-mail is accompanied by the bank link of the order, where we direct you to make the payment in the secure environment of EveryPay AS. There is a pre-filled payment order stating the amount to be paid. After entering the card number, security code (3-digit code on the back of the card) and the expiry date of the card, EveryPay authorizes the transaction at the customer's bank. Card data is requested using the SSL security protocol and MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa security programs, which ensure that the information exchanged cannot be intercepted or altered by unauthorized persons.

Availability/delivery time of goods

The product range of the Rallyestonia.com e-store includes initially 6 different types of goods, whereas the organizer may make additional goods available in the e-shop at a later date.
We will deliver the orders for the products displayed in the Rallyestonia.ee e-shop (for which the money has been received in the account of Estonian Autosport Events MTÜ) starting from 02.02.2022. In case your order has not been delivered by 10.03.2022, please contact our support by e-mail support@rallyestonia.com. ;

Delivery of goods

The goods are delivered to the address required by the customer with the official courier partner (Omniva) authorized by Rallyestonia.com

Transport costs

Shipping to Omniva parcel machines

Parcel machine in Estonia for S, M, L cabinets - 4.95 €
Parcel machine for Latvian and Lithuanian S, M, L cabinets - 6.95 €

Omniva courier service

Omniva standard courier service price for shipments up to 10 kg - 9.95 € (Estonia only)

Sending a parcel to Finland

Parcels can be received at more than a thousand parcel delivery points all over Finland.
Courier price for shipments up to 10 kg - 16.95 €

International shipping

1. zone (up to 1 kg) 18,00 €
1 zone (up to 2 kg) 23,95 €
2. zone (up to 1 kg) 21,60 €
2. zone (up to 2 kg) 26,95 €

1. zone:  Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, Netherlands, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, France, Sweden, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Great Britain, Denmark, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus, Russia.

2. zone:  all other countries.

14-day option for returning the goods

The customer (individual) has the right to return the products* purchased from the Rallyestonia.ee e-store, ie to withdraw from the contract concluded via the web environment within 14 days from the moment when the products have been delivered or handed over to the customer.
Upon returning the products, the customer shall bear the costs related to the return, except in cases where the delivered product did not correspond to what was ordered.
If the products ordered by the customer do not correspond to what was ordered or displayed in the e-shop, we will exchange the products for the correct product or allow the customer to exchange the ordered product for a new equivalent product. If the customer returns the products, we will transfer the money back to the customer's current account within 14 days

NB! The 14-day right of return does not apply to goods that are not suitable for return for health protection or hygiene reasons. The goods returned by the customer to Estonian Autosport Events MTÜ must be unused.

*The product is defined as Rally Estonia 2022 fan products (incl. Men's T-shirt and polo shirt, women's T-shirt and polo shirt, children's T-shirt). Rally passes cannot be returned or exchanged.


Estonian Autosport Events MTÜ (EAE MTÜ) is liable for the non-compliance of the goods sold to the purchaser with the contract terms or the defect which existed already at the moment of delivery of the item and which occurs within up to two years from the delivery of the goods to the purchaser. During the first six months from the delivery of the item to the purchaser it is presumed that the defect was existent already at the moment of delivery of the item. The rebuttal of the relevant presumption is the liability of EAE MTÜ.

At the occurrence of the defect the purchaser has the right to address the webshop within two months at the latest, by sending an e-mail to the address support@rallyestonia.com ;or call to phone number: +372 5670 0239. EAE MTÜ is not liable for the defects incurred after the delivery of the goods to the purchaser. If the goods purchased from the webshop have the defects which are the responsibility of the webshop, the latter repairs or replaces the defective goods. If the goods could not be repaired or replaced, the webshop returns all fees related to the sales contract to the purchaser. The webshop answers to the complaint submitted by the consumer in writing or in the format that can be reproduced in writing within 15 days.


The trader does not give general guarantee to the goods sold in e-shop. The guarantee terms of each goods to be sold have been separately provided in the description of the relevant goods. If a guarantee has been given to the goods, the guarantee terms should include:
the name and address of the guarantor;
person to be addressed for the use of rights arising from the guarantee;
the rights issued to the purchaser by guarantee;
procedure for use of rights arising from guarantee;
period of the guarantee;
the scope of validity of guarantee;
explanation about other rights arising from law for the purchaser, besides the rights proceeding from the guarantee.

Intellectual property rights:

The texts, sounds, images, animations and videos and their applications are protected with copyrights and other relevant rights. The content of this website should not be copied, distributed, changed or made available to the third persons. Some photos on our website are protected with the copyrights of the third persons. If not stipulated otherwise, all trademarks provided on our website are protected trademarks. Our website does not give the third persons the right to use intellectual property belonging to us or third persons.

It is not permitted to carry out marketing or sales promotion campaigns or other similar communication with goods sold in the Rally Estonia e-shop (incl. Rally passes or vehicle passes) without the written permission of Rally Estonia (Estonian Autosport Events MTÜ).