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The Green Tiger is driving a green turn in society, Rally Estonia is one of them

Green Tiger is a multidisciplinary cooperation platform whose purpose is to create a balanced economic model for Estonia and the world. Green Tiger has partners across four strands: entrepreneurs, individuals, the public sector and the civic sector. 

We initiate and contribute to generating innovations inside companies and in society more broadly by: 

  • applying systematic and knowledge-based approaches to companies and organisations; 
  • representing and bringing together companies on environmental topics; 
  • mapping regulations that hinder companies, local governments and organisations from acting in an environmentally friendly way; 
  • offering input and creating proposals for policymaking; 
  • enriching our democracy by organising and implementing climate assemblies. 

Green Tiger’s Mission: To create and implement environmentally friendly practices in all sectors and develop a green economy  

Green Tiger’s Vision: A sustainable world that preserves social welfare while focusing on the conservation and restoration of nature 

Green Tiger’s Values: Competent, genuinely courageous, unifying, future-oriented 

Representing companies on environmental topics and creating proposals for policymakers 

We as an independent and apolitical platform support companies towards environmentally conscious development and bring proposals to policymakers. To accomplish this, we have established the Green Tiger Think Tank, composed of Estonian entrepreneurs whose purpose is to find an environmentally friendly and realistic economic vision that is based on future technologies. The think tank’s first focus is a sustainable green economy. We want to find suitable solutions and strategies to develop a green economy in various economic fields such as energetics, transport and agriculture.  The Green Tiger Knowledge Team will validate the economics committee’s proposals and then we will pass them on to the expert group of the Estonian Government’s Green Policy Steering Committee that Green Tiger is a member of. The economics committee addresses energetics as a separate topic. We have launched the Green Energy Roadmap whose purpose is to gather the proposals of entrepreneurs and experts for achieving carbon neutral energy in Estonia. 

Green Tiger Academy: for organisations ready to make the green leap 

We are organising the academy in cooperation with universities for the second year and 14 companies and institutions have joined this year’s class, including: Government Office, Ekspress Media, Pipedrive and Estonian Reform Party etc. 15 organisations graduated from last year’s class, including: Tere, Bolt, LHV Bank, Estonian Public Broadcasting, Police and Border Guard Board, Rocca al Mare School, Elisa and Coop. 

Collecting environmental suggestions for local governments 

Environmental suggestions aid local governments and communities in defining and expediting the local green turn. Our suggestions are relevant to almost all fields for which the local governments are responsible. We are working together with the Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation and the Estonian Coalition for Sustainable Development to help six local governments implement the gathered suggestions. Every local government and community can use our suggestions as a roadmap for the green turn and specific actions related to the environment. Green Tiger is also initiating local climate assemblies which will accelerate the debate in society on environmental topics and enrich our democracy.