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Frequently asked questions

When will the sale of rally passes start?

The sale of rally passes will start no later than in the first week of June, more detailed information will be available soon.

When will the information regarding rally pass packages be released?

The information regarding rally pass packages will be available 1 week before the opening of rally pass sales. This will be announced on the rallyestonia.com website and in all of our social media channels.

Is it possible to buy VIP tickets?

Yes, a limited number of VIP tickets are also on sale.

When and where can you buy Rally Estonia fan stickers?

Fan stickers will be available at the beginning of May in all of the Circle K stations around Estonia.

Is it mandatory to wear masks in the event? 

No, masks are not mandatory, rather recommended. 

Is it possible to buy masks on site?

Yes, face masks are available in Sportland rally shops located in the spectator areas.

Where can I find accurate information and special stage maps?

The most detailed information and maps are published in the WRC Rally Estonia magazine, which is available from 03.07 at Circle K stations all over Estonia. In addition, it is possible to purchase a digital magazine from our e-shop.

When is the special stage road closed?

The road is closed 3 hours before the start of the first car.

Is it allowed to bring your own food and drink?

No, you are not allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the spectator areas, it is only allowed for small children and people with special needs. 

Is there food, drink, alcohol sold on site?

Yes, you can buy food and drinks, as well as alcoholic beverages, from the catering spots located in the spectator areas.

Is it allowed to bring your own hiking chair or a small ladder to the spectator area?

Yes, it is allowed to bring your own hiking chair or ladder.

Can I take my barbecue?

No, the use of a barbecue and making a campfire in the rally areas is prohibited.

Can an umbrella be used?

Yes, but it is strongly recommended to use a raincoat. Umbrella limits the view for other spectators.

Can I come the previous night and park my car in the car park?

No, parking in the parking areas and roadside parking areas will be opened 1.5 h before the start of the stage.

What is the distance from the car park to the viewing points?

Depending on the exact location, the distances vary from 100 m to 2.5 km.

Is there available disabled parking?

No, unfortunately no separate parking spaces have been designated for disabled parking. We recommend that you arrive as soon as the parking areas are open and inform the on-site security staff that you wish to park as close as possible.

Is it possible to return / exchange the ticket?

No, the ticket can only be returned for COVID-19 cases. Ticket owners cannot be changed or passed on to another person after the purchase. 

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