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The police will carry out more traffic checks during Rally Estonia

On Rally Estonia, police officers will carry out more checks than usual to calm traffic on South-Estonian roads and ensure that the event runs safely.

The races of previous years have passed without more serious incidents. Last year, the police were most engaged with the drivers who mindlessly rushed from one stage to another: in four days, nearly 600 speeders were caught, although the rally schedule allowed each of them to reach the next stage on time while respecting the speed limit.

“In order to ensure that the world’s most awesome motorsport event is not accompanied by serious accidents caused by speeding or drunk driving, the police and volunteers will carry out more frequent traffic checks in South-Estonia these days,” said Andrus Reimaa, the head of police rally operation.

“In connection with the rally, there are numerous police officers and assistant police officers in South-Estonia to calm traffic and ensure public order. In addition to mobile speed cameras, the police will use a calming stop this year, which extends the journey of a speeder for 45 minutes. So, rushing doesn't guarantee a faster arrival," said Reimaa.

In addition to the Estonian police, partners from the Finnish, Latvian and Lithuanian police are also present at the World Rally Championship. “A lot of rally spectators will come to South-Estonia, not only from Estonia, but also from our nearby and neighbouring countries. That is why we involve colleagues from abroad on the rally, to practice co-operation and show them how the Estonian police ensures the safety of people on the rally,” said the police chief.

“When driving from stage to stage, the traffic is also regulated by moto-regulators of the Team Motohunt, who will escort racers from one competition venue to the next one in more heavy traffic areas. So, if you see a motorcyclist in a reflector-vest escorting a race car, please let them pass by,” said Reimaa.

Road users in the rally area must follow the instructions of traffic regulators, as this is the only way to avoid dangerous situations. “We advise people coming to the rally event to familiarize themselves with the programme in advance and to make clear where and by what time they want to arrive to see the rally. This allows you to have plenty of time for arrival and parking. When parking your vehicles and camping, you have to observe where it is allowed without causing damage to landowners,” said the head of police rally operation.

The sports and entertainment event WRC Rally Estonia 2023 will take place in South-Estonia on 20-23 July.