Rally pass gives access to all Special Stages, Tartu city stage, Elva city stage, Service Park at Tehvandi Sports Centre.
Entrance is free to kids under 12 years of age.

Price of rally pass:
21 € – until 31 May
26 € – 01.06 – 30.06
29 € – 01.07 – 15.07
30€ – during rally

Rally passes are on sale in Circle K service stations all over Estonia and during rally on the spot.

NB! Rally pass does not give access to the territory of Tartu Song Festival Arena and the official concert that takes place there.

Special Stage ticket:
10€ – gives one-time access to one Special Stag. On sale at the Special Stages.

Circle K offers to the owner of a rally pass rallipassi 01 June – 20 July:
– Fuel -4 s/l  from normal price
– Car wash -25%  from normal price
– Hot food -20% from normal price