10 Feb 2015   |   News

Estonian Corner and human Erc logo a great hit with fans


This is the human FIA European Rally Championship logo, as seen from the Eurosport TV helicopter, at Estonian Corner on last weekend’s Rally Liepāja.

Many Estonian fans came to watch the winter event, and such was the success of Estonian Corner, that the organisers of auto24 Rally Estonia – who had create this special fans venue in conjunction with the organisers of Rally Liepāja – plan to make it an annual event.

As SS2 went live, an Estonian cameraman climbed a tree in readiness to take a picture of the human ERC logo from upon high, should the wintry weather prevent the helicopter from flying. But no sooner was he amongst the frozen branches, than the fans heard the sound of the helicopter approaching – making for a hasty reshuffle of the ERC logo back into its original position!

There was a great party atmosphere at Estonian Corner, with a big LED-screen displaying live results and rally videos, ERC Radio playing on loudspeakers and the Estonian Tourist Board providing hot Estonian soup and drinks to fans.


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