12 Sep 2014   |   News

ERC changes for 2015 approved by FIA World Motor Sport Council


The FIA World Motor Sport Council met in Beijing today and took the following decisions concerning the FIA European Rally Championship from 2015. small_ambiance_762

To increase the value of the FIA European Rally Championship (ERC) and create an identity for each category of car, the organisation of the ERC has been amended from 2015 as follows:

*The overall ERC will be reserved for R5 and S2000 rally cars, the ERC 2 Championship has been created for drivers of Group N cars (current N4 cars), and the ERC 3 Championship will be for cars in Groups R3, R2 and R1.

*Titles for teams, drivers and co-drivers will be awarded, the total number of championship competitions will be reduced from 12 to 10 and the best seven (ERC and ERC 2) and six (ERC 3) results will count towards the titles.

*Additionally, the maximum age limit for ERC Junior drivers has been increased to 27 to attract more competitors and correspond with the limitation imposed for national junior championships.

*Only drivers registered in the ERC categories will receive Priority status, adding value and an advantage to registration, and only FIA and ERC Priority drivers will take part in Free Practice and Qualifying. The total distance of special stages is set at between 200 and 230 kilometres to provide consistency throughout the ERC.

*To further decrease costs, tyre quantities will be reduced. For four-wheel-drive cars a maximum of 18 tyres per competition is permitted, and 14 for two-wheel-drive cars.

*Testing has also been reduced to one day for each rally a driver is contesting.

The changes above were originally proposed by the ERC promoter, Eurosport Events, to the FIA Rally Commission in Paris on 28 May.


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