Rally Estonia
Rally starts in
Fia WRC Autosport

Contact details during the rally

As per Supplementary Regulations, general and individual communication between all rally officials (Rally Control/CoC, Rally Secretariat, CRO, the Stewards, Technical Delegates etc) and the competitors / crew members will primarily and as far as possible be conducted electronically (mobile phone, e-mail, Sportity, WhatsApp).

For this purpose, each competitor is required to nominate one official representative authorised for the purpose of receiving any official notifications, along with the respective contact (mobile phone, e-mail, WhatsApp) by Friday, 8 July at the latest. 

This contact will be used both for general and individual communications. Any confirmation of receipt, if required, must mandatorily also be returned by this contact to the Competitor’s Relation Officer (CRO).

In addition, please add below the contact details of an on-event team representative/contact person who can be reached in case of any upcoming matters during the rally week.

In case of any questions, please contact the rally coordinator Kristi Jeenas kristi@rallyestonia.ee

Official representative

Team contact person during the rally (must be reached throughout the event)

+372 5555 555

Additional contacts