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In order to make it possible to run the WRC Rally Estonia event in the current Coronavirus conditions, the Estonian Government has agreed on a specific protocol that will be MANDATORY for all crews, teams, officials, media representatives and all other sport-related attendees for attending WRC Rally Estonia 2021. The procedure described below applies to the individuals listed by the Stakeholders as their members and is not applicable to spectators or any individuals not authorised by the Stakeholders.

All the requirements are described in detail below, but here’s a short checklist of the key steps you need to follow:

  • Fill in the questionnaire and register yourself for PCR testing in Estonia in the form below by 6 July at the latest.
  • Take a PCR test in your country of origin no earlier than 72h prior to departure (except people who have recovered from COVID-19 within the past 6 months or have undergone COVID-19 vaccination within the past 12 months).
  • Upload your certificate of proof in English (either PCR test result, vaccination certificate or medical proof of recovering from COVID-19) via the link on the Organiser’s website.
  • Fill in the Traveller’s questionnaire of the Estonian Health Board https://iseteenindus.terviseamet.ee/ within 3 days before entering Estonia.
  • Take a PCR test in a SYNLAB testing point in Estonia no earlier than 48 hours prior to getting your accreditation for the High-Density area.



Before travelling to Estonia

In order for the Organiser to be able to ensure a safe 2021 Rally Estonia event for and with you, you are required to follow the procedures below. These regulations apply as a part of the Estonian Government’s special regulations for the Stakeholders participating at WRC Rally Estonia arriving from 28 June 2021. Should you arrive in Estonia before 28 June 2021, please follow the instructions on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs https://vm.ee/en/information-countries-and-self-isolation-requirements-passengers 

  • Fill in the questionnaire and register yourself for PCR testing in Estonia in the form below by 6 July at the latest. The form needs to be filled in by all crews, team members, officials, media representatives, service personnel and all other sport-related attendees. You will need to upload a photo of yourself which will be used for accreditation purposes.
  • Make sure that you have one of the following 3 documents in the English language before travelling to Estonia: vaccination certificate, proof of having recovered from COVID-19, PCR test result taken no more than 72 hours before arriving to Estonia. If you have the document already while filling in the form, you can upload it at the end of the questionnaire. If not, then the document can be uploaded later, using the weblink that you will receive to your e-mail after filing in the form. The document should be uploaded as well as carried along at the entry point to Estonia.
  • If you need to take the PCR test for returning to your country of origin, please indicate this while registering for the initial test in the form below. If you have missed that step please contact the Rally Estonia Covid Unit Coordinator ms. Piret Jaani, e-mail piret@rallyestonia.ee.
  • Take a PCR test no earlier than 72h before leaving from your country of origin to Estonia. The PCR test result is valid for 96h from the testing time and date. The PCR test before arrival is not mandatory for individuals who:
    • Have recovered from COVID-19 and no more than six months have passed since they have been declared cured. A respective medical certificate of proof is required.
    • Have undergone COVID-19 vaccination and no more than twelve months have passed since its completion. A respective vaccination certificate or passport for proof is required. 
  • Within 3 days before entering Estonia everyone personally needs to submit a Traveller’s questionnaire https://iseteenindus.terviseamet.ee/. Border control or the airline may ask for the electronic or paper confirmation received to e-mail.
  • Be healthy and travel only without any symptoms.


After arriving in Estonia

While in Estonia, you need to take the COVID-19 PCR test in SYNLAB test facilities in Tartu or Tallinn no more than 48 hours prior to getting your accreditation wristband for WRC Rally Estonia 2021. NB! All members of the Stakeholders authorised to enter the Rally HQ, Media Centre, and all areas of the Service Park are required to take the PCR test.  The High Density rules are applied starting from Monday, 12 July 2021 at 7:00 hrs.

Starting from Saturday, 10 July, a SYNLAB tent will be opened at the Tallinn airport for the participants of WRC Rally Estonia, so it will be possible to take the PCR test immediately after arriving in Estonia, in case you are planning to get your accreditation within 48 hours after taking the test.

For those who need to take the 48h PCR test in Tartu, a testing station will be opened in the lobby of the Raadimõisa Hotel. Please see details below.

Examples on arrival and testing times in Estonia:

  • Example 1: You arrive in Estonia at any time between 5 July - 9 July. In order to enter the HD Area on 12 July, a local PCR test needs to be taken on Saturday, 10 July or Sunday, 11 July morning. After receiving your negative test result, you can pick up the accreditation starting from 14:00 hrs on Sunday 11 July or Monday morning before entering the HD Area.
  • Example 2: You arrive in Estonia on Sunday, 11 July by plane. To be able to enter the HD area on Tuesday, 13 July, you need to take the test on the day of arrival and you can do it at the airport.
  • Example 3: You arrive in Estonia by plane earlier than Saturday, 10 July or you arrive by land/by ferry. Starting from Saturday 10 July afternoon, you can take your PCR test in the SYNLAB testing station in the lobby of the Raadimõisa hotel in Tartu.

NB! While waiting for the test results to arrive (max 24 hours), please follow the self-isolation rules (use separate transport, wear a mask, keep social distance, etc). No rally-related physical contacts are allowed.



Only individuals who have tested negative for coronavirus in Estonian SYNLAB testing laboratories within 48 hours before entering the High Density Area (Rally HQ, Service Park) or Media Centre for the first time will be accredited for the event. The accreditation office is open starting from Sunday, 11 July 2021 at 14:00 hrs local time. The exact opening times of the Accreditation Office will be communicated by the Organiser. 

NO ACCESS to the HD Area will be granted without the individual accreditation wristband issued by the Organiser. The accreditation is personal and there is no option to grant access to additional guests or sub-contractors. If the person is not on the Stakeholder list, the person would not have any access to the HD Area.

The NFC chip wristband will be scanned by the security personnel each time when entering an area with a controlled access.


Opening hours and locations of the testing facilities 

All COVID-19 testing in Tartu and Tallinn is done in partnership with SYNLAB.

NB! When going to take a PCR test, please make sure you have the same ID document with you as you indicated in the registration form.

There are 4 SYNLAB testing locations for WRC Rally Estonia participants:

1.     Tallinn Airport, Lennujaama tee 2, Tallinn
2.     Saku Suurhall, Paldiski mnt 104b, Tallinn  
3.     Raadimõisa hotel, Mõisavärava 1, Tartu
4.     SYNLAB testing point, Teguri 37b, Tartu 

You will be suggested a testing location in the form below according to your testing date.

  • If you arrive to Estonia before 10 July, you can do the PCR in Raadimõisa hotel, Mõisavärava 1, Tartu starting from 10 July. 
  • If you arrive to Tallinn by ferry starting from Saturday, 10 July, you can take the PCR test in the SYNLAB testing point at Saku Suurhall, Paldiski mnt 104b Tallinn which is open Monday to Friday at 8:00-18:00 hrs and Saturday-Sunday at 08:00-16:00 hrs. 
  • If you arrive to Tallinn by plane starting from Saturday, 10 July, you  can take the PCR test in the SYNLAB testing point at Tallinn Airport. 
  • If you arrive to Estonia by land starting from Saturday, 10 July, you  can take the PCR test in Raadimõisa hotel, Mõisavärava 1, Tartu.


Departure tests

If you need a PCR test for departure, then this can be done on 16.07.2021-20.07.2021 in the following SYNLAB testing locations:

1. Saku Suurhall, Paldiski mnt 104b Tallinn, open Monday to Friday at 8:00-18:00 hrs and Saturday-Sunday at 08:00-16:00 hrs.
2. SYNLAB testing point, Teguri 37b Tartu, open Monday to Friday at 13:00-17:00 hrs, Saturday 09:00-13:00 and Sunday at 09:00-11:00 hrs.
3. In Service Park on Saturday, 17 July and Sunday, 18 July. Detailed information to be sent to the attendees. 
You can book the PCR test by filling in the relevant information in the self-declaration below or by contacting piret@rallyestonia.ee 
If you need an antigen test for departure, you can do it at the Tallinn Airport before your flight, but you need to book the test beforehand yourself. You will find the relevant information about the antigen test and booking from this link https://www.confido.ee/en/coronavirus-testing/coronavirus-antigen-testing-at-tallinn-airport
You can pay for the antigen test in the testing location at the airport. 

Payment and price of the PCR-test

The price of a PCR-test is 70 € and this must be paid by the individual or a team / company.
Please indicate in the form below if you would like to receive an invoice for the test and pay by bank transfer of pay by a credit card at the Accreditation Office.
NB! No accreditation will be issued if the PCR test has not been paid for.


Health precautions

  • While in Estonia, monitor your health and be ready for random checks (body temperature measurement, additional COVID-19 test).
  • Medical masks are mandatory at all times both at the event sites and also in public areas.
  • Depending on the situation, the organisers have the right to ask every HD-accredited person for an additional antigen test. The details will be communicated at the accreditation.
  • If you have ANY symptoms at any time, please follow these instructions:
  1. Go to quarantine IMMEDIATELY!
  2. Contact Rally Estonia COVID Medical Officer via covidinfo@rallyestonia.ee.
  3. Obey the instructions and commands given to you by the Medical Officer.


Regulatory documents to be followed



FIA forms

The following FIA forms need to be filled in and sent to covid19_WRC@fia.com and covidinfo@rallyestonia.ee by 6 July at the latest.

1. FIA Covered Event Attendee List doc. 1

2.  WRC Stakeholder commitment Form doc. 2
A. If you have already taken part to a FIA rally and you have already signed the WRC Stakeholder commitment Form, you can skip this point.
B. If WRC Rally Estonia 2021 is your first FIA rally, the team manager / representative must download the Stakeholder commitment, print, sign, scan and send it to covid19_WRC@fia.com and covidinfo@rallyestonia.ee

3. Attendee Commitment to app. S doc. 3
A. If you have already taken part in a FIA rally, the team manager / representative has to send to covid19_WRC@fia.com and covidinfo@rallyestonia.ee only the forms relating to new team members that have not signed the Attendee commitment yet;
B. If WRC Rally Estonia 2021 is your first FIA rally, each team member must download the form, print, sign and scan it. The team manager / representative will gather all the forms and send them by email to covid19_WRC@fia.com and  covidinfo@rallyestonia.ee

Attendees who are required to enter High Density (HD) Areas (Rally HQ, Service Park, Media Centre) are referred to in FIA Covered Event Attendee List Template as Profile 1 Attendees.
Attendees who are only required to enter Low Density Areas (LD) are referred to as Profile 2 Attendees.
All groups arriving to the event must fill and submit both the FIA Stakeholder Commitment Form and the FIA Covered Event Attendee List and each person at the event must be on one Stakeholder’s list. WRC Attendee Commitment Form must be submitted by each individual themselves who have not submitted the form during the 2021 WRC season. See the Appendix S to the International Sporting Code above for more information on attendee profiles.
High-Density and Low-Density Areas

All event sites are categorized as either High-Density Areas (HD) or Low-Density Areas (LD), effective from 12 July 2021 at 7:00 hrs. All personnel at the event are accredited to either of these areas and can only visit their designated sites and only interact with persons with the same designation.

Each participant is responsible for following the Authorities’ and the Organisers’ COVID-19 protocols and recommendations also in their spare time, i.e. staying within their group bubble when in accommodation, eating in their agreed dining areas, using medical masks, keeping social distance and taking care of hand hygiene. Please do not use public transportation nor move in public areas, including rally VIP or spectator areas.


The deadline for filling in the self-declaration form below is 6 July 2021.

Please note that you can add your negative PCR test result (taken within 72 hours before arriving to Estonia) to the questionnaire later, by using the link that you will receive by e-mail after filling in the questionnaire.

NB! It is very important to enter the phone numbers in the questionnaire correctly. The test result will be communicated via phone to the phone number submitted in the questionnaire. In addition, the Team Manager or responsible person of a group will get direct access to the online database of the test results of their team/group. Please make sure that these contact details are entered correctly as well. 

In case of any questions regarding the questionnaire, please contact Rally Estonia Covid Unit Coordinator ms. Piret Jaani, e-mail piret@rallyestonia.ee

Thank you!

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