Thursday, 16 July
23:00 – official rally party and opening in Tartu nightclub Atlantis. ELURÕÕMUD – MARJU LÄNIK LIVE. DJ Kaupo Mitt. Entrance -50% with rally pass.

Friday, 17 July
22:00 – Scooter and Groove Coverage on Tartu Song Festival Ground. Official concert of auto24 Rally Estonia.
23:00 – official rally party in Tartu nightclub Atlantis. WITH LARGE OUTDOOR AREA – POOL PARTY – 3 different dance arenas! The best club sounds played by Sky Plus radio voice SVEN ARUSOO. Entrance -50% with rally pass.

Saturday, 18 July
14:00-20:00 – Geopark cultural programme in Tartu on major auto24 Rally Estonia stage. Detailed information on pg 12.
21:00 – Suzi Quatro and Smilers on Elva Song Festival Stage.
23:00 – official rally party in Tartu nightclub Atlantis. ITH LARGE OUTDOOR AREA – HIGHWAY TO HELL – 3 different dance arenas! DJs Tõnu Tiks and Martin Märtinson. Entrance -50% with rally pass.

Sunday, 19 July
13:00 – special concerts of Getter Jaani in spectator area of Alaküla ramp. SS13-16.
23:00 – official afterparty in retro hall Diamonds&Rust of nightclub Atlantis in Tartu.



Fr 17 July – 15:00-22:00
Sa 18 July – 14:00-22:00
Su 19 July – 13:00-18:00

EXPO area is located in Tartu at Vabaduse puiestee, in the area between Poe str and Tartu Kaubamaja. The area accommodates: BBQ Catering catering tent, Sportland rally shop, Lõunakeskus children’s area, Anne&Stiil women’s world, Citroën representation area, auto24 rally simulator, numerous craftsmen, sellers of farm products and lots of other exciting stuff. More detailed overview on page 21 on the map of podium area.


NB! Do not forget to take cash along to the rally which can be used for paying for parking, catering and other services.